Covers Whole Spray Booth


The unique non-woven material is extremely durable and traps dust and dirt when misted daily with Particle Control spray. Vacuum daily to remove contamination from the booth. In addition, the mat's padding reduces noise and makes standing and kneeling much more comfortable. And no more scraping inches of overspray buildup off your booth floor.


  • Traps airbones dust and overspray on the floor
  • Improves booth enviornment
  • Durable, padded mat with solvent-resistant backing
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Compliant with NFPA 33 for spray booth safety
  • One roll covers most automotive spray booths (31' x 150')

Like90 Paint Booth Mat - Whole Spray-Booth

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Now there's an easy way to reduce paint defects by 50% or more. Stop polishing away your profits and install the Like90 Paint Booth Mat in less than 30 minutes. Little or no floor prep is necessary and no special, expensive tools are required.