• Fast and Uniform Coverage
  • Extremely Shallow Scratch Pattern
  • Flexible Contact, Ideal for Concaved and Convexed Areas
  • Efficiently removes wax, incrustations, dirt and dust
  • Time Saving of 50-70% or More thus Greatly Improves Productivity
  • Paper Size 170 x 130mm
  • Attachment Super-Tack
  • Dry Application 
  • 25 Per Box

Super Assilex Sheets Ocean K-360

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Super Assilex Ocean shares the same characteristic of the Assilex family - Fast and Uniform coverage with extremely shallow scratches, a result from the combinations of Ultra Flexible bonding and Super sharp abrasives. Ideal for light sanding on all type of surfaces that demands shallow scratches, uniform finish and still can be done in the shortest time. Super Assilex Sheets are designed for use with various hand pads, Assilex block, and the Kovax BA Sander.